As the TRANSGOV project progresses, we will make research and policy outputs available here.

Selected publications from TRANSGOV members

Below are selected publications by TRANSGOV team members prior to the start of the project. These publications provide context for our work and outline research gaps that we seek to fill.

Aarti Gupta, Ingrid Boas & Peter Osterveer (2020). Transparency in global sustainability governance: to what effect? Environmental Policy and Planning 22(1), 84–97.

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Aarti Gupta | Guest editor (2010). Special Issue on Transparency in Global Environmental Governance, Global Environmental Politics 10(3).

Contributions from Michael Mason, Virginia Haufler, Klaus Dingwerth, Margot Eichinger, Graeme Auld, Lars H. Gulbrandsen, Ann Florini and Arthur P. J. Mol.

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