In 2016, the Environmental Policy Group of Wageningen University hosted a conference on Transparency and Sustainability in which many of the TRANSGOV team members were involved. Check out their perspectives on different aspects of this topic.

Scholars from various disciplines attending the 2016 conference on Disclosing Sustainability outline the research agenda for transparency.

Principal Investigator Aarti Gupta speaks about the challenges of securing anticipatory versus retrospective transparency in sustainability governance.

Vice-chancellor of Wageningen University Arthur Mol speaks about transparency and digitalization in cities.

Associate Professor Ingrid Boas of Wageningen University speaks about the role of citizens, consumers and the public in generating transparency.

Global Project Associate Angel Hsu of Yale speaks about new technologies and third wave data in enhancing transparency and environmental monitoring.

Professor Martin Herold of Wageningen University speaks about tools to enhance forest monitoring and making these more useful for stakeholders.

Global Project Associate Susan Parks of Sydney speaks about biases in accountability systems and role for transparency herein.

Professor Phil Macnaghten of Wageningen University speaks about how responsible innovation intersects with transparency, ‘non-knowledge’ and responsibility.

Associate Professor Virgina Haufler of Maryland speaks about empowerment through information disclosure and the role of technology in transparency.

For more videos and information about the conference, please visit the conference website.

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