Transparency at COP27: Five key outcomes

Before COP27 we published this blogpost outlining 5 key processes related to transparency to follow.  This blogpost reflects on the key outcomes. 1.    The voluntary review of adaptation (and loss and damage) information: agreed! As we reported in our pre-COP27 blog, under current transparency rules, there is no provision for technical review of information submittedContinue reading “Transparency at COP27: Five key outcomes”

Transparency at COP27: follow these five processes    

COP27 is around the corner. What to expect for transparency negotiations? At first glance, it may seem like intensive transparency negotiations are now a thing of the past. The rules for the Enhanced Transparency Framework of the Paris Agreement are described by the Modalities, procedures and guidelines from Katowice and the reporting guidance from Glasgow.Continue reading “Transparency at COP27: follow these five processes    “